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In addition to our current campaign in the world of Rendezvous, we are embarking on new adventures of the post-apocalyptic variety:


Project Theta:

Project Theta is a brand new campaign set in a time so far in the future, today's current events are hardly remembered and are far from relevant. In Theta, you find  a radiated world peopled by humans, mutants and robots from a variety of cultures and places who are all struggling to survive with limited resources.

Technology has become the savior of many. A range of tech use exists in Project Theta: from primitive tech like clubs to modern uses such as guns and electricity all the way to future tech like lasers, force fields and resurrection tanks.

Project Theta rules are nearing completion. Look for rules and events to be posted in early 2011.


 The Theta Projekt:

Interested in post-apocalyptic events but not into role-playing? If so, The Theta Projekt is the place for you. Look for future artistic and musical events to show off that awesome steam-punk, post-modern, Mad Max, etc., gear you've been dying to wear and enjoy some great entertainment while you do so!


 World of Rendezvous

 Rendezvous is a fantasy-horror original world with a Wild West twist. The unique rules system is skill-based in design, allowing for highly customized character creations. Whether you are interested in combat, majik, roguery, craftsmanship, or a little bit of everything, there is a character just waiting for you to build it.

The Rendezvous campaign will continue in late 2011. For more information about the world of Rendezvous, check out the Welcome to the Rendezvous link and the links below it in the left navigation bar. 


If you have questions about Project Theta, The Theta Projekt, or the World of Rendezvous, please e-mail Management@321LayOn.com.